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An example of your term "example" is usually a sofa with a normal fabric, While a lot of fabrics can be obtained as alternatives.

As explained in RFC 2606 and RFC 6761, numerous domains which include and are maintained for documentation uses. These domains could possibly be made use of as illustrative examples in documents with no prior coordination with us. They don't seem to be available for registration or transfer.

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An instance (as a challenge for being solved) serving to illustrate the rule or precept or to work as an physical exercise in the appliance from the rule.

An occasion (as a dilemma to be solved) serving As an example the rule or precept or to work as an training in the applying from the rule.

/ɪɡˈzɑːmpəl/ noun 1. a specimen or instance that is certainly usual of your team or list of which it sorts aspect; sample 2. an individual, motion, matter, etcetera, that is deserving of imitation; sample: you will need to established an example on the youthful young children 3. a precedent, illustration of the basic principle, or design: an example within a maths guide four. a punishment or maybe the recipient of a punishment serving or meant to serve as a warning: the headmaster produced an example of him five.

These nouns refer to what's representative of or serves to elucidate a larger group or course. An example is really a ordinarily representative aspect that demonstrates the character of The entire: “With the despotism to which unrestrained army ability qualified prospects Now we have a lot of examples from Alexander to Mao” (Samuel Eliot Morison). An occasion can be an example that's cited to confirm or For example a point: an instance of flagrant corruption.

a. A punishment given as a warning or deterrent: observed the boy's suspension as an example to all college students thinking about breaking the rules.

one. Example, sample, specimen seek advice from a person phenomenon taken as representative of a sort, or to a component agent of The full. Example is employed of the object, condition, etcetera., that is definitely assumed As an example a specific theory or standard: a fantastic example of baroque architecture. Sample refers to a small part of a compound or to an individual agent of a group or form that is intended to indicate what the remainder of the substance or even the team is like: a sample of yarn.

Domains that happen to be described as registered to IANA or ICANN on plan grounds aren't readily available for registration or transfer, apart from region-name.details domains. These domains can be found for release with the ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee Secretariat.

anything picked to show the nature or character of the rest; solitary part or unit used being a sample; common occasion

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